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Every Agile Transformation is a story… your story, as unique as you

The Library of Agile isn’t a methodology, it’s a map… 
a catalog of the intricate problem spots that plague Agile implementations, built from the shared knowledge of the Agile community. The Library will help you to design your own Agile Transformation.

Choose your Own
Agile Adventure™️

We call it


Is “standard” Agile not for you?

(Remember those books from the 1980s?)

If you are interested in 5 strategy tipcs for unlocking change in your teams…

If you’re ready to enter the Library and start designing your own Agile Transformation…

If you want to consult with an experienced Agilist and ask questions…

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And your choice starts here. What do you want to do next?

This workshop helps you:


  • Recognize natural tendencies that derail communication, and choose a different action.

  • Deliver difficult feedback in a way that can be heard and appreciated.

  • Grow your emotional intelligence while building stronger interpersonal connections.

Every Agile Transformation is a story… your story, as unique as you

Book Cover: Shift From Product to People

Peter and Michael share an engaging story about a company that is about to fail, even after adopting Agile and DevOps.

Learn new tools, and techniques like the Ratatouille Principle, Double Aces, and the “For the People” Metrics, in a way that is not only memorable, but also fun. 

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