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Remote Work Tools


  • Diagram the activity steps to be taken by users, from the users’ points of view first.

  • CAUTION: The critical factor is to diagram users’ behavior before diagramming technological implementation details.

  • CAUTION: Diagram user activities, not user screens.

  • TIP: For best results, also diagram activities performed by the users outside your system, before, during, and after the time they interact with your system.

  • Diagram both external users and internal/employee users.

  • CAUTION: Diagram external users’ activities first, even if they don’t use your system. Then diagram the activities of your employees in support of your external users, even if employees don’t use the system.

  • Diagram the architecture of your system.

  • Include decision points and trace multiple logic paths in diagrams, including edge cases.

  • Create these diagrams collaboratively with the entire team; review with all stakeholders.


Feature Mapping


Org Practices

Organization Practices

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