I6.7 Peer Hiring & Firing

I6.6 Take Money Off the Table

I6.5 Organizational Psychologists

I6.4 Cultivate Diversity

I6.3 Embrace the Whole Person

I6.2 Personal Growth by Data

I6.1 Others First

I5.1 Total Transparency

I4.2 Principled Prioritization

I4.1 Impact Verification

I3.2 Employee-Chosen Work

I3.1 Team Topology

I2.3 Volunteer-Only

I2.2 360° Stakeholder Collaboration

I2.1 Advice Principle

I1.5 Non-Competitive

I1.4 Impact Over Money

I1.3 Think Win-Win

I1.2 Total Impact Alignment

I1.1 Start With Why

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