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O1.4 - Ratatouille Principle

O1.3 - Confronting Bias

O1.2 - Embracing Diversity

O1.1 - Goal-Based Leadership

O1. Organizational People

O2.5 - Customer Adoption Metrics

O2.4 - The Scientific Method

O2.3 - Market Positioning

O2.2 - Customer Problem Research

O2.1 - Business Portfolio Diversity

O2. Organizational Design

O3.2 - Marketing & Sales Data Tracking

O3.1 - Scalability Tracking

O3. Organizational Planning

O4.3 - Customer-Centered Implementation

O4.2 - Technical Health

O4.1 - Decoupled Reusable Components

O4. Organizational Implementation

O5.3 - Automation Efficiency

O5.2 - Testing Traceability

O5.1 - Customer Testing First

O5. Organizational Verification

O6.3 - Continuous Delivery

O6.2 - Business Dashboard

O6.1 - Business Model Optimization

O6. Organizational Operations

Org Practices

Organization Practices

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