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Do you have influence over multiple Product lines and separate teams? We call those Organizational processes. To transform your organization…

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Do you have influence beyond the boundaries of your organization, into your community and beyond? We call those Impact  processes. To change the world…

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Are you able to influence the people you interact with on a regular basis (usually daily)? To inspire your team to change…

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Do you have influence over multiple teams working together on the same projects? We call those Team-of-Teams or Product processes. To transform your product approach…

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If this sounds like you, and you have influence over other teams and partners, you’re in the right place.

If you don’t have influence over the other groups in your organization, then you will want to choose a different point of focus.

Do you need an off-the-shelf, ready-to-go implementation plan for an Agile Transformation?

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If you’re being forced to operate within someone else’s framework, any framework, you might be interested in a more-subtle approach.

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You find yourself in a familiar place. It’s place of planning, a “war room” environment. It’s deserted. You take a look around. Something’s different. In the center of the table is what looks like an old tube-based TV set with an attached keyboard. Where did it come from? This is certainly unusual.

Choose Your Own Agile Adventure™️

You read the screen and it says “Zork I: The Great Underground Empire”. It’s the original text-based adventure game, the precursor to all modern video games. 

Organizational Change

“How you introduce change is more important than which change you introduce.”

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Welcome to

The Library

of Agile

Here at the Library of Agile we define the “Organization” scope as interactions that primarily happen across multiple Product lines and between separated teams that do not interact on a regular basis. Sometimes it may not have anything to do with your actual organizational boundaries. You might be a subcontractor, or a prime contractor, or work with partners, but your work is related in some fashion, just not on a weekly or even monthly basis.

NOTE: We are not talking about your scope of “control” here. You may only be able to enact change in one scope, but you may participate in a larger scope. That larger scope is your sphere of “influence”.

“How you introduce change is more important than which change you introduce.”

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