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    O1.1 - Goal-Based Leadership


    • For better outcomes, “Begin with the end in mind.” (Stephen Covey, “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”)
    • Leadership together co-creates strategic themes and goals in the spirit of unifying the enterprise in the same direction
      • WARNING: Avoid leadership getting into a political tug of war. Use metrics and principles to time-box disagreements and then have everyone consent to go “all in” even if they disagree.
    • Leadership works on common definitions for all to centralize diverse opinions together, obtain viewpoints from multiple sources (e.g. business drivers, mission, Vision, Values, target markets, financial goals, competition, differentiation, corporate capabilities, etc.)
    • The mission, strategic themes and goals are clearly and continuously available for all to easily find and unite upon; everybody within the organization has a basic understanding of the mission, strategy, and goals
    • The mission, themes, and goals should be regularly reviewed and adjusted by any changes within the market and within the company for increased organizational agility



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