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Remote Work Tools

  • Steps to Reproduce

  • Kanban Boards


  • After a defect (bug) has been identified, keep track of whether it will be resolved, when, and how.

  • Record who found the defect, in case they want to be notified when fixed.

    • NOTE: Could be multiple people.

  • Record exact steps to reproduce the defect, whenever possible.

  • Prioritize which bugs have to be fixed immediately, and which have workarounds; not all defects need to be fixed.

  • Record activities all the way to final delivery to the customer(s).


T5.4 Defect Tracking

Remote Work Tools

  • Steps to Reproduce

  • Test Scripting

  • Test Data


  • Tests should be able to be run multiple times with the same result.

  • Tests should be able to be run by multiple people with the same result.

  • Standardized test data may be required to ensure reproducibility.


T5.3 Reproducible Verification

Remote Work Tools

  • Test-Driven Development (TDD)

  • Acceptance Test-Driven Development (ATDD)


  • Knowing the goal of your work before you begin helps to minimize unnecessary effort. 

  • Decide how you will test for success and failure of each item before you begin working. 

  • Include input from all team roles in this definition of success. 

  • Store test definitions in a central location easily accessible by all team members to avoid confusion, rework, and creating moving targets

    • TIP: Draw a line in the sand after which modifications become new work


T5.1 Test First

  • Confusion

  • Defects (Bugs)

  • Disgruntled Employees

  • Impediments & Delays

  • Lack of Communication

  • Late-breaking Requirements

  • Rework

  • Siloed “Not My Job” Thinking

  • Unhappy Stakeholders

Problems Experienced Without These Practices




Remote Work Tools

  • Test Cases

  • Independent Verification & Validation (IV&V)


  • Every task and work product should be verified independently - by someone other than the person who completed it.

    • CAUTION: Ideally the verification should happen without the person who completed it, and without their resources (e.g. not on their computer).

  • Beyond verifying that time was spent, there should be a visible change in outcome before and after the task.

  • Each task or work product should have a stated goal, and the outcome should consistently achieve that goal.


T5.2 Independent Verification

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